Monday, October 14, 2013

Old Posts

On those occasions when I refer someone to this blog, I usually recommend looking at the earliest posts, starting in February of 2012. That's when I was angriest about the work situation, because I had just discovered it. (I had been working full-time for a baker's dozen years and didn't know what had happened to the freelance writing business -- the invasion of penny-a-word bottom-feeder "employers," the rise of the $1 article, the morbid preoccupation with Copyscape, the devaluing of "writing" to "content.")

I couldn't figure out how to bring up those earlier posts at first; they don't show up when you visit.  Eventually I stumbled into the answer: 
there's a clear block at the end of the oldest post in this showing, and in that block is the near-invisible, translucent-blue message, "Older Posts." If your eyes are good, hit it, and it will take you back the remaining months to the beginning.