Sunday, April 3, 2016


In the crime shows, the perp tries to delete the evidence that he’s been surfing the “How to Kill Your Wife” websites, but some third-level geek in the FBI lab pulls it up and they nail the guy for Murder One. “Nothing is ever deleted,” we learn. It’s in the computer somewhere.
So -- when my computer contracted a case of temporary Alzheimer’s, it shouldn’t have been that big a problem. Especially since I took the precaution, when first setting things up, of adding a huge-capacity backup hard drive. That should mitigate any effect of losing things on the primary drive, I thought.
Well, not necessarily. A lot of stuff went missing this past week for as-yet unknown reasons, and the loss included the blog posts I’d been preparing. My computer guy rummaged around in the bowels of the machine for six hours, and some things have been recovered, but not nearly all.

I hate to miss a deadline and I can’t let this one pass without proving to myself that I didn’t really miss it. On the other hand, I’m too annoyed to come up with 3-400 words that would be interesting, even to me. Maybe another six hours inside the computer...