If we work together:
  • There's good, fast, and cheap. If you're a non-profit doing charitable work, or you're unemployed and could use help with a resume, you can have all three. Commercial clients get to pick two. And since  I don't consciously do work that isn't good, that leaves fast and cheap, and they're mutually exclusive.
  • Upfronting: I'll be glad to demonstrate my qualifications to you; I think it's the best way to go. I'll take any writing test you have that doesn't look like cover for a freebie. In that spirit, if I take on a major project, I'd hope to see some money in advance.
  • If all of that's agreeable, you can reach me at the "Contact" button four doors down.

If you post cheap jobs on line -- some unsolicited advice: 
  • If you're plagued by plagiarism -- Lose the Copyscape warnings; they're an insult to professional writers. Raise your rates, better, to where creativity becomes worthwhile and you attract conscientious workmen.
  • If your job listing contains the words, “I don’t have much budget for this-- maybe you can’t afford to have it done.