What the Hedgehog Knows

The renaissance man knows many things; the hedgehog -- to mangle half a line of an old Greek poet's work --"the hedgehog knows one thing." I've seen people style themselves renaissance men, but I'm a hedgehog, the rest of the proposition being "-- but the hedgehog knows that thing very well." 

I've been forty years working with words, writing and editing. I write technical documents, advertising copy, PR, magazine and web articles and, to my own surprise, I've written a novel. The novel is on Smashwords.com under "Humorous Fiction"; if you're a publisher or an agent and would like to pick it up for best-sellerdom, there's a synopsis on "The Novel" page here. 

The other skills are looking for outlets as well, in contract work. If you need writing or editing and my posts show you something you like, I'd appreciate hearing from you. I write to size, listen to criticism, and deliver to deadline and budget. Evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, I can write short, too.  (But not on LinkedIn . I go on about myself at length there.)