Sunday, May 10, 2015

News Story

News reporting as it’s currently practiced is being criticized in many quarters, and not without reason. Both quantity and quality are suffering; newsroom budgets are being cut, news bureaus are being closed, and now reporters and editors are being asked to insert commercial messages into previously sacrosanct editorial matter. Reporters are abandoning newspapers for PR agency jobs, probably with the idea that if they’ll be doing that kind of work anyway they might a well do it for better pay.

It’s refreshing, then, that you can still run across a well-written, well-researched news article that both conveys the personality and examines the motivations of the individuals reported on.        I give you the following. 


Portsmouth - Less than three weeks after putting to sea in a pea-green boat with Arthur Owl, George Pussycat returned alone today to this port from which the two had embarked on their unprecedented voyage.

Questioned about his missing traveling companion, Pussycat read from a prepared statement, saying he did not know what had happened to Owl, but that he "must have gone for a walk and lost his bearings."

The journey of the two in the washtub-like vessel was launched amid much fanfare, but was controversial from the start. Critics questioned the pair's compatibility and noted that while Owl carried provisions for two months, Pussycat stocked only salt, pepper, and breadcrumbs. 

A police source requesting anonymity because he or she was not authorized to comment said that what had appeared to be a promising lead proved a dead end when no positive identification could be made of feathers found in the vessel. Responding to the implied accusation, Pussycat cited the irony of being suspect "just because I dust vigorously." 

Consensus of legal opinion surveyed locally is that no action will be taken against Pussycat since -- wait for it -- there is no evidence of fowl play.

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Wotthehell; it’s my blog. Thought I should lighten up after the May 3 post, anyway.