Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ending the Run

This will be the last post on this blog, for a while, maybe forever.            I'm discontinuing it in favor of a new blog on WordPress.

I suspended it in August, but when I checked back recently I found that all the links back to the earlier posts had broken. I don't know why; maybe something to do with the site's conversion from http to the secure https (protection I neither asked for nor need). An entire weekend at the keyboard and I finally succeeded in re-establishing a way to link back. One of the few successes I've been able to celebrate in this arena. 

The reason for suspending it is that, as has been the case before, about the time I feel I have a grip on something in the online world, it becomes obsolete. This necessitates my becoming a late adapter of whatever has superseded it, thus setting myself up for the next round. 

In this case I have read that the Blogspot site from which a writer sends his thoughts out into the world is now considered the instrument of amateurs (fair enough!). Solo blogs altogether are apparently being replaced by social media. However, since WordPresss offers the chance to create a website, which isn't obsolete yet, you can run a blog as part of that and still appear cool.     

You will have noticed by now that I have not invited you to the new blog. It would seem the obvious step so, yes, there's a reason I'm not doing it.   I haven't been able to complete the website. 

WordPress makes available a detailed series of steps with which a child can build a site. No longer a child, I'm having problems. I have five pages up and reasonably linked to each other but have not been able to establish control over type size and spacing. Similarly, my clips and samples can display like the first line of an eye chart. However, buoyed by my success in re-linking this blog, I am confident pretty much that I will win through at the end and will have a site up and running soon. You might want to check occasionally at .